Our passion is turf. Grass, lawn, greens - call it what you may - if it is covered in turf we like it a lot! 

In all honesty we would probably all like to boast the most enviable lawn on the street, but in reality who can afford to spend countless hours mowing, watering, cultivating, planning, protecting and nurturing. To have the perfect lawn you need the perfect ingredients, careful management and decent background knowledge. We can lay the foundations and then set a schedule for you to maintain once the lawn is established, or we can continue to tend to the turf to keep it looking its best.

Avoid countless hours spent trying to figure out why your once perfect grass is now patchy and dry, riddled with weeds or suffering at the whim of a bug infestation. Allow us to diagnose the problem and provide you with a plan to restore your lawn back to full health. Keep in mind however that as any lawn lover will admit - the perfect lawn requires constant attention, which is where we can help you with scheduled maintenance encompassing weed control and fertilisation.

With many years of experience and extensive turf knowledge, we can create the picture perfect patch of green that you dream of. From the simplicity of a hassle free and eye catching piece of lawn to the extravagance of a private golf hole or grass tennis court, we can do it all.


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